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The Concierge – Chapter Twenty Nine

Last night Juan slept on the couch, all through dinner he sat quietly, not even able to look at Celia in the eye. Although the girls could sense something was wrong, they just though it might be fatigue on their father’s side from his jobs and recovering blues from their mother’s side after her stint at the hospital. Only Sonya knew what was really the cause of the silence at the dinner table, but she didn’t mention anything. After dinner, the family sat around watching TV and eating some dessert while the children chatted away. Every once in a while Juan would laugh or tease them, while Celia sat quietly nodding and smiling. Although she smiled, it was the last thing she wanted to do. She looked over at Juan as he chatted with the children, she couldn’t believe how he had spoken to her earlier. How dare he?! After all the trials and tribulations she had endured by his side all these years, for him to speak to her as if she was a free loader. It was as if Juan could feel her eyes burning a hole into his body, he looked up and their eyes met, but he turned away. He was ashamed of himself, strangely enough at the same time he felt right. It was selfish of Celia to become so weak when her family needed her the most.

That night they did not argue about this, when Miguel and the girls went to bed, Juan went into the bedroom to take his pillow and blanket and retire to the couch to sleep. Celia did not stop him, in fact she was happy he did that, she did not know if she could share a bed with him with the way she was feeling. All night Juan twisted and turned, firstly because the couch was so uncomfortable and in the past twenty six years he had never slept anywhere but beside Celia. The second reason for his discomfort was that even though he did not feel very guilty about Celia, it still upset him that she was upset. But as he slept, he had a pleasant dream, he dreamt of Anna. They were sitting in a park together; it was a beautiful warm spring day. Anna was dressed in a short cotton pleated pink skirt with a white tube top. She sat on a swing and Juan was standing behind her, pushing her forward as she laughed. How happy she was! Far from the Anna he had seen earlier with worry and stress written all over her face.

“Okay Juan that’s enough, im starting to get – how you call it –  deezee”, she giggles as she begs Juan to stop pushing the swing. Finally Juan stops; he walks over to the front of the swing and holds it to bring it to a halt. He stares down at Anna as she looks up at him with her deep blue eyes. Even in his dream, he cannot resist the urge to touch her and he does. He touches her cheeks and caresses them all the way down to her lips, he stops at her bottom lip and traces a line with his middle finger across her lip.To his surprise and content, she kisses his finger, a soft and slow kiss that ends with a sucking movement.

He can feel himself getting aroused and then he feels something else, as Anna stands up to face Juan. For while doing so, she gently braces her body against his, her breasts rub against the length of his thighs, his pelvic area, his stomach and finally his chest. Her pelvic area follows the same trail along the knees to Juan’s pelvic area which is now the site of a massive erection. She raises her lips to kiss him and as soon as her lips touch his, there is a sudden repetitive sound, much like that of bees buzzing. The sound gets louder and Juan finds that his right arm and shoulder are now in a sudden state of pain. He opens his eyes to find that he has fallen off the couch and landed on the right hand side of his body.

The buzzing sound he had heard in his dream was that of his alarm waking him up. He rubs his head ,not quite sure of where he is, he frowns as he recalls how and why he ended up sleeping on the couch but then a smile comes across his face as he is reminded of his dream when he feels the wet sticky feeling in his pyjama pants.

“I have to see her again,” he says to himself.

It is early and Juan decides to go to the garage to finish working on Anna’s car, he got the feeling that she needed it urgently, he could tell by the disappointment that splashed across her face when he told her it might take a few days. But if he went in early and spent time working on only her vehicle, then he might have it ready for her by tomorrow. She might even have it in time for work. His thoughts come to a freezing halt, when he thinks about her work as he remembers all the items he had seen in her bag, how could such an innocent looking girl have such items in her possession.