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The Concierge – Chapter Thirty Two

Alegra quietly locks her bed room door and proceeds to pull out a few shopping bags from underneath her bed. Three of the bags contain dresses by Missoni, Donna Karan, Chloe, Jean Paul Gautier, Stella McCartney, Anne Klein, YSL and Vivienne Westwood, while the other two bags have shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, YSL, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu and Oscar de la Renta. She smiles as she looks at her nude Leather and suede platform pumps from YSL.
She picks out a dark blue Satin corset dress by Vivienne Westwood and she holds it against her body as she admires herself in the mirror, she smiles a sly smile as she thinks of how lucky she must be to have gotten the attention of such a rich and handsome manlike Salvatore . She looks around to see which one of her new pairs of shoes would go well with her dress; she spots a black pair of Tribtoo glitter-finish suede pumps by YSL. She decides to try the whole outfit on, so she takes off her jeans skirt and her red and white striped tank top. As she stands momentarily half naked in her black bra and thong, she admires her figure, she gently caresses her skin along her full hips all the way to the curve of her round ass, she turns around and looks over her shoulder to look at her derriere in the full length mirror that is a part of the clothes cabinet door.
As she looks at herself, she touches her ass and remembers what it felt like when Salvatore was massaging her ass at the back of his SUV, she begins to feel aroused as she also thinks of how his strong arms lifted her up and lowered her down, massaging the bulge in his pants with her clitoris.
The feeling of arousal grows stronger as she changes the direction of her touch from her ass to her lower abdomen area just above her clit. She closes her eyes and imagines that it is not her hands that are touching her but Salvatore’s lips. She imagines his lips on her lower abdomen going lower and lower still, until his tongue, now being represented by her middle finger, touches her clit, she opens her legs slightly wider as she lets the finger wander freely all around her clit. With her left hand she is massaging her left nipple and with the right she is rubbing her clit slowly, she closes her eyes as she opens her legs further. She continues to rub herself at both places simultaneously, at first it is a smooth and slow motion, making circles as her heartbeat quickens and her pelvic muscles tense up, she begins to rub her clit faster ,almost harder. Her body begins to shiver and her knees begin to feel weak, her throat begins to go dry and she licks her lips. Harder and harder still she rubs her finger against her now sticky wet clitoris until she cannot take it anymore and she feels an eruption in between her legs. She stops the rubbing but her shaking remains, she squeezes her legs in an attempt to stop the shaking but all it seems to do is make her feel even more giddy and weak.
She slowly begins to regain control of her legs and a naughty idea springs to mind, she takes out her fone and lays herself on her bed. She positions the camera fone over her body and takes a photo of herself; she looks at the picture, to see how it turned out, only to see that it’s a bit blurry and only her boobs and a little bit of her tummy is in the photo.
She gets up as a better idea comes to mind, she stands infront of the mirror and poses in the most seductive way she knows how, ass poking out, stomach sucked in, and tits puffed out. She faces the telephone to the mirror after she has removed the flash option and clicks away a couple of times until she is satisfied with the perfect picture.
She opens the send option and chooses the text message option, she puts in Salvatore’s number in the contact and writes a short text, “Just thinking about you makes me want to get naked and play with myself till I cum.”
She giggles as she presses send.
A little less than a few seconds later, she receives a text message back, “You naughty girl, let me turn your thoughts into reality”.
She receives a second text that leaves her mouth even drier than when she was just about to cum a few minutes ago.
“I hope you are not a virgin…”