The Concierge – Chapter Fifty One

Maria is about to lay the table for lunch, when once again she is interrupted by the door bell. This time she is truly surprised to find Heidi on the other side.

“Hi Heidi, come in” she says.

“Hi Maria,” Heidi smiles as kisses her on both her cheeks.

She walks in and looks around for Ashley as she says, “I was out for lunch and I heard Ashley wasn’t well so I thought, I’d come over and see her.”

Maria looks suspiciously at Heidi, if any one knew what happened to Ahsley it was probably Heidi, since lately they have been spending quite some time together and technically it was Heidi who introduced Ashley to this Walter guy. She relaxes her suspicion as she reads concern on Heidi’s face, unfortunately it was concern for her own self rather than for Ashley.

She shows Heidi into Ashley’s room and Heidi is surprised how worn out Ashley looks fearing the worst, she holds back her curiosity for the details and asks Ashely how she is feeling.

Sensing that the two would rather be alone, Maria walks out with the excuse that she will be making some tea. She closes the door behind her .

“Awww Ashley,” Heidi  says with genuine concern in his voice, “what happened?,” she asks.

“I told you not to go without me,” she looks over at the bruises on Ashley’s arms and the swollen lip.

Ashley finally speaks, “I should have listened to you,” she says but I thought it would be okay, it was fine the first few times we went together. I thought we’d have a nice dinner, some wine and at the end of the day I might get something nice.”

She begins to sob as she recalls the evening.

“But one of my favorite things in the whole world, Cuban girls with nice plump round brown popka,” he slips his hand, that had been resting on her lap all through out dinner, on to her ass for a very firm side squeeze.’

Ashley lifts his hand of her ass, but he holds it tight bruising her. Trying to hold her cool but clearly frightened , not to mentioned a the strength this old man has just exhibited, she tells him to let go of her.

“You are hurting me,” she says.

“Then let my hand stay where it is comfortable,” he says with a mean grin on his face , “now let us finish our desert,”  he says, laying one hand on his bare thigh and the other on the dessert.

Ashley begins to panic, “I’d like to go home now,” she squeaks with fear.

This upsets him, “You were not ready to go home just a few moments ago, were you?” he asks.

With that he violently starts to rub his rough old hands on her thighs, squeezing them in the process.

Ashley tries to get up, but he stands up before her and places his old round body in front of her face, with both his hands he grabs her bare arms tightly, he positions his cock in front of her and begins to rub it on her breasts through his pants.

Ashley is terrified and tries to scream, unfortunately this private dining room seems to be sound proof.

With all her strength, she manages to get up and him off her, but this turns out to be more of a wrong move than a right one as  he pushes her towards the wall, standing behind her pinning her face  to the wall, he continues his dry sex gyration on her behind . His movements are done with such force that at some point as her face rubs against the wall her lower lip is bruised and begins to swell.

He holds her both arms behind her back with one arm and with the other he starts to feel between her legs and thighs, squeezing and touching them roughly, leaving behind scores of bruise marks.

Feeling his heavily alcohol intoxicated breath as he kisses and licks her face and neck, she is almost about to be sick. His gyrations grow more and more violent until at least he reaches his orgasm. As his body relaxes, Ashley takes the opportunity to make a run through the door behind her, she finds herself on the street, she continues to run as far as she can before she finds a pay phone and calls Maria.

Listening from behind the closed door, Maria’s jaw drops in horror at what she has just heard. Why didn’t Ashley just listen to her? She should have stayed home with her that night, she should have tried to convince her not to go, she thinks to herself.

Heidi puts hand on Ashley’s lap , “I’m so sorry Ashley,” she says, “that’s just horrible”.

The she asks the question behind the real reason why she came over.

“Will you be pressing any charges against Walter?” she asks as she remembers Salvatore’s words “I don’t want any drama ruining my business!”



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