The Concierge – Chapter Fifty

Sitting quietly in a corner in the book shop, Sonya listens quietly as the blonde girl, who she has come to know as Emily, tells her of her relationship with Brandon.

“ It was about a year ago when I met him,” she starts, “I had just finished University and was starting my own life in Manhattan. I was out with a few friends to watch a basketball match that my cousin Josh was playing in, he was one of the guys playing on the opposite team and the moment we locked eyes our hearts connected or so I thought. We were together for about 6 months, I was doing an internship in a law firm over at the avenues of the Americas and he was studying, I think.”

She stops for a moment, trying to hold back the hurt tears in her eyes, “ I don’t even know if anything he ever said to me was true, he told me he was from Albany and that he had moved over to pursue his studies in NYC, the first few months were amazing, he was so attentive, always calling, always asking about me, always coming to see me and walking me to the places I needed to go to.”

“Needless to say he was my first and he knew this, after a few times, I had gotten pregnant, being a devout Christian, I did not want to abort the baby,” she pauses as the painful memory of that uncomfortable abortion comes to her mind.

“He convinced me that he loved me, but that we were still young and we had our whole lives ahead of us to get married and have kids. He told me that one week end, he would take me to Albany to meet his family, that he had told them all about me.”

She thinks as she recalls those lazy afternoons they’d spend together in her apartment at Sapphire tower, how she’d lay in his arms and they would talk about their lives. “He told me had two sisters and 2 brothers, all younger than him, his mother was a teacher at the local school in their town and his father was a doctor at the local hospital.”

“ I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out that he didn’t even know who his father was, that dirty bastard,” she hisses angrily.

Sonya can barely believe what she is hearing, her sweet chocolate Brandon with the dimples and sexy eyes was , as Emily had said, a bastard.

“ He convinced me to get the abortion, after that he was so distant so cold, I couldn’t believe this was the same guy who just a few days ago was talking about a whole life ahead of to have kids. Several times, he’d disappear for a whole day and come back with an excuse or the other.”

“Worse off, I have seen him receiving messages on his phone and he tries to conceal them, he clearly was seeing other women”. “I’d get so upset and turned to alcohol, luckily my cousin josh came to live with me and has made sure i don’t get drunk, the more drunk I get, the more upset I get and the more I drink, the more upset I get.”

“Finally, he just disappeared, no calls, no messages, no anything, like I meant nothing to him, like I never even existed,” she breaks down and cries,  Sonya comforts her.

Little does she know that she too would need comforting of her own.

Standing at the door, through the glass Brandon, watches as Emily and Sonya talk, he curses under his breath and quickly turns to walk away.

Caroline is sitting at home watching TV, she has just hung up with Doctor Stanford, who has informed her that in a week’s time Nicola will be ready to come home and that they have arranged for a live in nurse to come and assist them.

She is about to go to her room to get a book to read, when the door bell rings, she walks over to open it and is relieved to find Randy at the door, “I’m so sorry baby, “ he says as he leans in to hug her. She tries to resist at first but gives into this warm masculine feeling, after all she really did need this hug.

He tells her that he was at the hospital with his Aunt, she had a stroke and he couldn’t leave her side until his older sister came from Boston.

“I really missed you babes, I wanted to call, but I was just in so much shock and everything was happening so fast, My aunt Nina from Boston was so emotional, I couldn’t leave her either.”

“ Is everything fine now?”, she asks , putting aside her own feelings.

“yea, yea, it s better, thank God,” he answers, “What happened to you?”

Caroline tells him everything that happened to Nicola and she sobs as she gives him the details.

“What kind of cruel monster would do such a thing?,” she cries into his chest as he hugs her, holding her, he looks over at a smiling Nicola holding her poodle framed on the wall facing him, he smiles as he thinks of the agony Nicola had been through that , Caroline has just described to him.

At school Miguel is at a sexual education class, all the boys and girls are giggling at the pictures that the teacher is showing on the projector. Miguel smirks as he thinks how ironic that even though they are laughing, at least half the kids in the room are already engaging in these activities.

As he thinks of these specific kids, his attention is drawn back to the class when the teacher begins to talk about liberal sexual relations.

“Even though there are some people who frown and are opposed to same sex relationships, this is a free country and let’s not forget that at one point in time, inter racial relationships and immigrants were frowned upon as well,” says the teacher, clearly a homosexual herself, dressed in baggy jeans, sneakers, a blazer, a man’s shirt with short blonde hair gel’d back, she hardly had an ounce of make up on.

Miguel starts to think about what she had said about being liberal, he thinks of Ahmet and what a good friend he has been to him, could he be a homosexual? Surely there is no reason why a man of his age would want to be friends with a boy of Miguel’s age, he ponders at this for a moment and realizes that the problem may not be that Ahmet is a homosexual, what if he was a pedophile?








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