The Concierge – Chapter Forty Eight

Sitting on her bed, Celia is getting ready to get to sleep, as she lays down and pulls the covers over her, she thinks of the day she has had. She thinks of Jeremiah and she begins to imagine what it would have been like if their paths had crossed earlier. Slightly guilty that such thoughts even cross her mind, she shakes them off as she looks at a picture of her family in a frame on the side table.

She smiles as she remembers how excited she was when she first held Maria in her arms at the hospital or the first time the family went out of state to spend a day in New Jersey, how excited they had been singing and laughing in Juan’s truck. Looking back at it now, the truck , even though a second hand car, was still in very good shape, it looked brand new and to celebrate the new addition to their family, they had decided on a trip out of state. Her happiness dies as she remembers how much the trip cost in terms of fuel and meals at diners for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She smiles a sad smile as she thinks of the night they came home, after tucking the kids in bed, she sat with her husband discussing the days events and how he lied to her when she asked about how much money he had spent out of what they had saved up, trying to give her a re assuring smile when she could see it in his eyes that behind that smile was a feeling of pain.

She starts to drift off into a sleep and with the sleep comes a dream. She is awakening on a very soft bed, she can hear the sound of waves through the open window, there is a cool breeze and sun light it shining in through the curtains as they flutter in the breeze. She looks around, not sure of where she is, could she be back in Aguadilla, she asks herself. Before she can find out, she smells a delicious aroma of spices, herbs and chicken coming from somewhere in side the house. She gets up and walks towards the smell, passing through the most comfortably furnished rooms in this little cottage like house. As she reaches the kitchen, Jeremiah is standing preparing some sort of salad – shirtless only in a pair of Khaki shorts, his toned back and shoulders shining beautifully from the sun shine that is lighting the kitchen through the window. Celia has the sudden urge to approach him and hug his body from behind, how good would that feel she thinks to herself, she almost does it, when Jeremiah turns and around and his pearly white teeth flash her the biggest smile ever.

“Good morning my love, you have slept even more than Sleeping Beauty – but then again you are more beautiful than Sleeping Beauty,” he says to her as he leans in to give her a hug and a kiss on her forehead.

Very confused, Celia looks around the house, nothing looks familiar, through a peak in the window she can see the deep blue sea with its waves and people enjoying the beautiful warm sun.

“Where am I?” she asks Jeremiah.

“c’mon now, you don’t know!” he says surprised, “we in da land of da Rastafarians…..we in Jamaica,” he continues to say.

Her heart drops, “ my children, my husband, where are they?” she asks.

“Don’t ya rememba, ya left dem to come enjoy dis jamaican life wid me.”

Celia gets up suddenly in a heap of sweet, she looks at the clock it is 5:30 in the morning, at that moment her eyes meet Juan’s who is stealthily creeping  into the bedroom.

He stops and the two stare at each other, not knowing quite what to say.


Over at Salvatore’s penthouse Alegra is slowly waking up, the Egyptian cotton sheets feel like heaven beneath her. She smiles as she reminisces about the previous night.

After his phone call to this Walter guy, Salvatore whisked Alegra up in his arms and walked into the bedroom, her arms held tightly around his shoulder, aaah his shoulders how firm and strong they felt just as strong as his arms strongly pressed beneath her butt.

He lay her on the bed, she sat up at once, her cheeks turning a crimson color. “Salvatore, I want to tell you something, “ she starts. “Shhh I already know,” he says as he places a finger on her lower lip and traces an imaginary line along it.

“I will be gentle,” he says , as he slowly lays her on her back  on the bed. Even though the sheets are the most comfortable she has ever laid in, she couldn’t help but feel very tensed. He is right above her now, looking straight into her eyes as she looks back with a mixture o fear and excitement, he caresses her face with his right hand and proceeds to kiss her cheeks, her neck, her collar bone, she starts to relax when the tension returns when she feels his hands on her breasts. He lays his body over hers and for a moment she feels pinned down and nervous, when the most amazing feeling comes over her, while her mind was busy worrying about what will happen, he had managed to slip down her dress and his wet tongue was now making circles on her right nipple . it was as if some one had switched her mind off, she could not think or feel anything but the sudden need of an explosion from the tingly feeling below and between her legs.

While his tongue was busy upstairs his left hand was feeling its way softly past her belly button and on to the insides of her soft thighs, she squirms as she feels the sensation grow more and more unbearable.

He feels her body tensing up again and he moves his tongue and lips on to her stomach, where once again his wet tongue makes circles in her belly button, she giggles and he feels her body relax again.

But not for long as he moves lower still, kissing her hips and licking the insides of both her thighs, involuntarily she moans and he swiftly removes her underwear. She grips on to the sheets with her finger nails as he spreads her legs and his tongue does the thing it did to her nipples and belly button but this time it is ten times more intense and pleasurable. It feels as if she is about to burst, like as if she is suffering from a fever that is so intoxicating that even though she knows the best thing is to release it, the feeling of tension it gives her is just too good to let go.

He tongue continues to tease and torment her clitoris and her muscles in her thighs begin to tension until she can not take it anymore. Her release is intense and long lasting that seconds later she still feels the tingly feeling haunting her. Satisfied with his achievement, he proceed to kiss her lower ab, working his way up to her lips, passing by her stomach and breasts on the way.

She smiles at him and he leans into kiss her on the side of her neck,  she can feel how hard he is, right at her lower half is his lower half, he continues to kiss her neck and once again she feels the tingly feeling and the tension in her legs build up again, this time, she knows what to do she slowly parts her thighs and he is now in between them she puts her arms around his neck and he numbs her mind and intensifies her senses with his sensual kisses on her lips, her neck and the erotic movements of his tongue searching for hers in her mouth.

It feels like her legs are numb and she can’t control them, but at the same time it feels as if they are sensitive to even the slightest touch. Finally with out any warning, she find herself climaxing again from the erotic rubbing of his manhood on her clit and the sensual kisses he places on her neck.

This time the orgasm is received by an intruder, painful at first, the intrusion is aided by a few rocking movements from the intruder himself, back and forth he slowly rocks, all the while still kissing and caressing her neck, a few moments later a breakthrough occurs and the movements become stronger, a feeling of pain mixed with sexual sensation captivate Alegra’s body and as her breasts move in union to the rhythm of Salvatore’s intense rocking movements, the two find each other at the end in a climax so intense that both their bodies are shaking for several seconds later, Salvatore collapses on to the side of the bed and Alegra turns over to lay her head on his chest, his heartbeats are slowly slowing down  and he caresses Alegra’s hair as regains a steady heartbeat.

Her reminiscing is quickly interrupted by the star of her memories, he has brought her breakfast in bed, he places it on the table , he is taken aback when he turns around to find her standing infront of him, and gliding her hand through his pyjama pants on to his manhood. She was addicted and she wanted more.




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