The Concierge – Chapter Forty Nine

Maria has spent the whole night trying to understand what has happened to Ashley, helping her take a shower she has found bruises on her thighs and arms, she also had a swollen lower lip.

Try as she may to get Ashely to say a word of what happened, she could not. Ashely was in a state, for at least an hour after they got back to their apartment, she had cried incessantly, after that it was sniffles and silent tears rolling down her face, it was almost 6 am, when after several hopeless attempts to console and try to figure out what has happened to her friend, Ashley finally feel asleep on the couch and Maria right beside her.

Both girls are awoken in the morning by a ring at the doorbell. Looking at her watch it was almost 10 am, Thank God it was a day off for Maria and as for Ashley, it would just have to be one too.

She walks over to the door and is surprised to see a middle aged middle eastern man with a big nose and big blue eyes when she looks through the keyhole. She opens the door and the man introduces himself as a colleague of an acquaintance of Mr. Walter, he proceeds to say, “ your friend had left in  a hurry from Mr. Walter’s presence and since it was through my colleague Mr. Salvatore that Mr. Walter was acquainted with Ms. Ashley, we would like to return her bag, her coat, her phone and whatever else she had left behind at the restaurant yesterday”.

Maria thanks the man and closes the door; she walks over to Ashley who becomes upset once again when she sees the items that remind her of what a horrible night she had experienced the previous evening.

Walking away from the apartment, Ahmet could not help but notice how familiar Maria looked, those facial features, he was sure he had seen them some where before. He thinks of the man Anna had brought to his coffee shop the other day and thinks how Maria looked so much like him. He shrugs the idea off as he thinks of the racial prejudice, “it’s like saying all middle eastern people look the same,” he says loudly to himself and smiles as he thinks that it was probably that they were both Latino that his mind drew a comparison.

Sonya is at the book shop bright and early, Brandon had passed by and walked her to work just like he had promised he always would, sharing a cup of coffee with her on their way as they chatted about life.

She smiles as she types in reference codes and number sin to her pc, remembering the warm feeling of Brandon’s arms around her shoulder, she looks up and is startled to find a tall slim blonde girl with hazel eyes standing infront of her.

“is he your boy friend?”, the blonde girls asks her.

“you know he is the worst bastard you will ever meet” , she continues to say with pure disgust in her voice.

Over at the HR department at the law firm where Maria and Ashely works, Heidi is surprised when she receives an email from Maria’s department requesting her to enter a day off on to the system for Ashley .She is curious to know what might have happened to her as she had sounded absolutely allright the night before, she walks out of her cubicle are and towards an empty office to call and check up on Ashley.

She is just about to dial Ashley’s number when her phone rings in her hand, looking down at the number she fears the worse.

“Hello,”  she says.

“Hi Salvatore, no I wasn’t out with Walter or the other guy yesterday,” she says into the phone.

“Ashely?”, she asks, “ She’s just a friend I have brought along to the dinners a couple of times. Benjamin had asked if I had a friend for his friend Walter and I said yes.”

“I know I didn’t tell you, but look at it this way that’s extra money in your pocket through a girl you don’t even have to deal with. No Salvatore, I am not trying to start my own side business.”

“I wouldn’t try to cheat you into making more money,” she says.

“Don’t forget when I first found you on the street with that other girl Anna, you had nothing but the tattered clothes on your back and I am not even asking you to sell your body,”  Salvatore speaks sternly into the phone, trying not to alert Alegra who is taking a long bubble bath in the bathroom behind him.

“ You are a high end escort for me , I got you a job in a law firm and turned you whole life around, all I ask of you is to escort these rich men on evenings to entertain them, I don’t need any drama ruining my reputation and the reputation of the business I am running”.

With that he abruptly hangs up on Heidi, just in time to see Alegra walk out of the bathroom, a lazy smile on her face, she walks towards Salvatore as she rubs her wet hair dry.

“ Had a nice bath?,” he asks.

“The best,” she says as she places a kiss on his cheek.

“ I need to dress up and go home, I am going to tell my parents that I left school early because of the exam I stayed over at Tiffany’s to study for, the exam is over and  that’s why I came home early,” she says with a smile to him.

“My little devil,” he says impressed, “You thought of everything.”

She looks over at the room and specifically at the bed and the reminiscent of last night, “No…YOY thought of everything,”  she says to him. With that she proceeds to dress and minutes later , a black SUV pulls up at her building, she is about to get out when she spots her mother walk out of the neighbouring building and walking towards their own. Moments later a light skinned Rastafarian man walks too, Alegra is about to disregard this as a coincidence when Celia turns around, having been called by the man, she smiles and waves good bye to him before she walks into their building.

Not knowing quite what to think, she bids farewell to Salvatore’s driver and minutes later she catches up to her mother at the elevator. Celia is startled as first she didn’t expect any one as she didn’t see any one behind her and  second Alegra was supposed to be at school.

“Where are you coming from, mama?” she asks her mother, looking at her eyes for any sign of deception.

“Where are YOU coming from, mija?,” she asks her daughter ,her mind running wild with ideas wondering if Alegra had seen that she had just come from Jeremiah’s building.



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