The Concierge – Chapter Forty Seven

Sitting on a park bench somewhere between the book shop and her home, Sonya waits silently as she listens to Brandon explain where he has been the past few days when he had disappeared from her.

“ I was doing a delivery and this racist woman verbally attacks me for using the same elevator as her as opposed to the service lifts”, he continues to tell her of his incident, “I didn’t even do anything but wish her a good day.” “Well she starts to yell out for help, implying that I had assaulted her, before i know it I am arrested by 2 uniforms and taken into a holding facility downtown.” He looks at her with the most hurt eyes she has ever seen. Not able to control the sympathy she feels for this man before her, she hugs him tightly both in sympathy as well as to keep herself warm, as the weather had started to get even colder .

Relieved that her boyfriend was once again in her arms, she starts to tell him what she had been up to lately, she even informs him that she has decided to go pursue her studies, even if it is just a diploma .

Listening to her speak, he realizes for the first time how much this timid girl has changed from when he first used to see her walking to work, she seemed more confident, more lively and even more attractive midway between her sentence Sonya is surprised to find that Brandon has firmly placed his lips on hers and his tongue parting her lips frantically in search of hers, she gives into this sudden sensation and returns the embrace with the same, if not, stronger intensity.

When their lips finally do part, she looks at him with a shy smile on her face while he  looks at her beautiful face  , taking in everything from her hazel eyes to her full red lips and her nose, now so red, Brandon was not sure if it was from the kiss she had just experienced or the cold.

Getting ready to leave their rendezvous at the park bench, Brandon takes out his phone from his pocket to find 10 missed calls and 3 messages. He opens the most recent one, it reads :-

“ where are you? I really need to talk to you!”

He quickly deletes the messages and looks over at Sonya who has just finished getting up from the seat and arranging her jacket, he smiles at her and she smiles back as they walk hand in hand back to her building.

Over at Sapphire tower, Caroline is home alone , walking around in the living room with her phone in her hand, she has sent Randy 3 messages and called him 10 times, why the hell wasn’t he answering, she really needed to speak to some one , overwhelmed with grief at the incident that had shook her world , she just could not stand to be alone tonight.

Sitting in one of the most luxurious dining rooms she has ever seen, even on TV, Alegra is enjoying one of the best meals she has ever tasted, even better than the home made pepperoni pizza that her mother was so famous for. Sipping the smoothest wine surrounded by the sweetest smelling lavender candles, this setting was exactly how she always envisioned her first time.

Moments later she is another room and sitting on Salvatore’s lap , facing an electronic fire place, he plays with her hair as he plants soft kisses on her cheeks and nibbles on her ears. Giggling shyly at how ticklish it feels and how aroused it was making her, she uses the arm she has placed around his shoulder to caress his hair. Looking into his beautiful eyes and admiring his dimples as he smiles at her, she realizes that she might just be in love with him.

Aware of the effect he has on her, the hand he was resting around her waist moves lower on to her ample butt, rubbing it and squeezing it while he daringly put his right hand first on her face , then rubbing her arm and finally resting it on her breast , all the while continuing to place kisses and nibbles on her cheeks and ear.

They sit like this for a few minutes, when they are suddenly interrupted by Salvatore’s mobile phone ringing loudly, he sighs and without lifting her off him, he gets up , bends over and picks up the phone that was laying on a table near by. Sitting back down into the same position he was in just moments ago, with Alegra on his lap, he finally answers the phone.

“ Hello, yes Ahmet, calm down”, he says into the telephone sternly, “so what if she brought some one into your restaurant today, She is not working , it might just be her friend,” he answers , looking very annoyed at this intrusion.

Alegra can hear that the man on the other end of the phone call was quite upset, he also had a middle eastern accent.

“Look, let us not use filthy names to describe my employees and their friends or customers; let’s not forget how you opened up that joint in the first place and the details of our agreement – You allow me to conduct my business there and bring my customers and I help you maintain the place,” and with that Salvatore hangs up the telephone and smiles at Alegra, “just business as usual?,” she asks…Placing a kiss as he slowly says it, “Yes *kiss* Business *kiss*  as *kiss* usual  * a long kiss*.

Alegra giggles at this romantic rhythm of kissing and is just about to say something when his phone rings again, this time Salvatore is more serious as he answers the call.

“Hi Walter, how are you?”

“What? She did what? Who is she? What is her name? I don’t have any one under that name working for me,” he says surprisingly, “ and you say her name is just Ashley?” he asks.



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