The Concierge – Chapter Fifty Five

Juan is working his shift at the concierge when he sees an ambulance pull up to the building’s entrance, he rushes out to help and he finds Ms. Caroline helping Ms. Nicola out of the back of the car into a wheel chair. They are being assisted by a nurse and a paramedic.

Nicola was allowed to leave the hospital earlier than expected as she had miraculously been able to recover and heal quickly. The doctor felt that being in the comfort of her own home and own bed with a professional nurse to look after her was probably the best thing for her.

While Celia lays asleep in her bed, Sonya is sitting in Miguel’s bed rubbing his shoulders as he rocks back and forth. Even though it is quite cold, he seems to be shivering. Allegra walks in with a cup of hot chocolate and another blanket for her younger brother. Fearing the worst Sonya tries to get Miguel to open his mouth, if not tell them what happened but at least to drink the warm milk in front of him.

Brandon watches as Sonya nurtures and caresses her younger brother’s head soothing him, his heart melts as he is amazed at how kind and affectionate she is. Having bumped into them infront of her building, he helped them up and stayed to make sure things were allright, sitting on a chair in Miguel’s room, he looks at the two sisters and thinks of his own family, his selfish alcohol addicted parents, his neglected siblings and finally his dead sister.

After trying her best to get him to calm down and speak to them, Sonya lays Miguel’s sleepy head onto his pillow to sleep. She ushers Allegra and Brandon to step out of the room. Allegra is worried, “ What do you think happened to him?,” she asks her older sister with sad worried eyes. Sonya doesn’t want to upset her younger sister even more than she already is, “ I think …”she starts, “I think that he is just scared, maybe some bullies frightened him,” she smiles uneasily before she adds, “ he doesn’t seem to me bruised or hurt, when I changed him into his pyjamas, I didn’t see anything of that sort.”

The girls look at each other, both of them thinking the same thing, the only thought that could come to their mind, the possibility that their younger brother has been molested and assaulted.

Pablo is sitting at a table of the new bar in the neighbourhood, not entirely upscale but it was a notch above the usual drunk houses that truck drivers and unemployed people dropped down in. Looking over at the VIP table where the owner of the new bar, a very good looking Italian man is sitting discussing some sort of business with some Colombians, he catches a glimpse of one of the tightly dressed girls sitting at this table of pimps. For Pablo knew very well what type of activities funded bars like this and areas like this. The freckles on her arms, the big curly blonde hair , he moves a little to the left and then to the right to try and catch a glimpse of this familiar individual, she seemed to be closely affiliated with the Italian guy. He gulps down his beer and decides to walk on over to certify his susoicions. He’s very close to the table and the Italian man looks over at him, clearly drunk and in a joyous mood. He points at all the girls around him and asks Pablo “You see something you like? In clebration of this grand opening, you can have any one of these lovely ladies for the whole night and only half the price.” He smiles gloriously at his companions who raise their glasses in agrrement. Up until this moment the blonde girl’s back was to Pablo, she turns around to see who this lucky man is who can have any of the girls at the table for half the price and the full night. Her small blue eyes grow large with shock as she recognizes Pablo as Juan’s garage colleague and his best friend. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and bumps into the table knocking over some glasses.

She rushes past Pablo as he stands there utterly shocked and disgusted.

Along with the help from the nurse, a blonde Australian woman by the name of Michelle Salter, Caroline has managed to settle Nicola into her bed. Sitting together in the living room, the ladies begin to chat and become acquainted with one another since they will be spending quite a lot of time together during the next few months caring for Nicola.

Caroline at once feels at ease with Michelle, with her unruly blonde hair and mesmerizing kind blue eyes, she was easy tot alk to and an even better listener.

They joke about the difference between their home countries England and Australia while discussin the similarities in their expatriate lives here in the United States. Caroline receives a text message and she blushes as she reads it.

Looking over at Caroline, she thinks back to the man who used to make her smile like that. She remembered that last week like as if it was yesterday, when in fact 5 years have now passed since Michelle left Sydney for good. Ryan, her significant other was not as lucky. Having met when they were relatively young in a Foster home, being abandoned by their families made them all the more close. Sydney’s very own Bonni and Clyde.They started out small, stealing , vandalizing, cheating, after been kept apart for a while, Ryan in juvenile detention and Michelle was moved to another town and adopted by a family that managed to tame her, she even managed to finish school and graduate from nursing school. She was on the right path in life until that night when she ran into Ryan at the hospital where she interned. Seeing him brought back the passion and lust for the wild side of life. They quickly reconnected moving in together and spending their days fighting and making up, for their relationship was highly volatile. One day Ryan came to Michelle with an idea that was meant to change their life, only it changed it for the worst.

The big master plan was that Michelle would work as a nurse caring for rich old people who had no next of kin to look after them, Ryan would investigate and conjure up all their financial assets and finally have one of his crooked lawyer friends draft up fake wills. Wills that Michelle would get the patients to sign after they were severely drugged by her.Not soon after she would also drug them with a new drug , currently trending on the blackmarket, it cause heart attach or stroke like symptoms in old people, leaving the coroner to rule their cause of death as either one or the other.

Through their schemes they managed to make a lot of money, without having any one raise an eye brow in doubt, until one patient’s estranged grand daughter started sniffing around based on the fact that the lawyer who drafted up her will, was not the family lawyer that she was used to.In investigating the lawyer, police unearthed Ryans other dealings alerting the couple. Michelle managed to secure papers to leave the country for the US and from there she was able to co ordinate with some of her old friends to certify and verify her past employments and character reference checks, for she had been sleeping with most of the influential doctors in every hospital she had worked in. She had no morals but she had great charisma.In a matter of one short week, their lives turned upside down, last she had heard of Ryan was that he was arrested and was serving time in jail for fraud, black market dealings, stealing and for violating his parole.

She managed to resume her medical practice as a nurse in the US, reminiscing about her days as a nurse back in Sydney she suddenly realizes that Caroline is staring at her. “Would you like some tea Michelle,” she repeats one more time. “wow, where were you?” she asks.

“The same place you were when you received that text from the man who makes you smile like that” she smiles as she answers Caroline.

“ He has a way of doing that my Randy,” she says shyly as she shows Michelle a picture of randy on her phone. Looking at the picture, Michelle looks in horror as she remembers where she had seen that face before.






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  1. Sultan Al Zaabi says :

    I was surprised to know this side of your personality, you should seriously consider publishing this

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