The Concierge – Chapter Fifty Two

Sonya could hardly concentrate on her work the whole day, she kept thinking of Emily and what she had been through with Brandon.  Immediately after Emily left, Sonya checks her mobile to find a recently sent message from Brandon, saying that he won’t be able to make it for lunch. She thinks about this sudden change, only a few minutes before Emily came to the shop Sonya was on the phone with Brandon, talking about where they should meet for lunch and now he suddenly is busy, with barely a reason for his cancellation of their lunch.

Over at the garage, Juan is working away on a light blue VW family van. His colleague Pablo is watching him with the utmost curiosity.

“Juan, mi amigo, you told me you came home late last night and here you are working like a fresh horse. There is something different about you today. Qu’esta passando contigo, Juanito,?” he says teasing at his friend.

Juan , pauses from his knocking and screwing and looks up from behind the hood of the van. He wipes his hands with the grey cloth that hangs in one of the side pockets of his greasy over alls. He smiles and says, “ Pablito, last night I have passed the most amazing time I have ever had in more than 10” years. He breathes in a large gush of air deeply and lets it all out.

“Do you remember that woman, Anna who came a few weeks ago with the Lexus?”

“Si,” says Pablo while concentrating on screwing a part of an engine back in place.

“I am not sure quite what to call it, but last night…I spent the night with her” says Juan with a smile on his face as he remembers how soft Anna’s breasts had felt on his lips the previous night.

Pablo is not sure quite what to say, he stands very still for a few moments as he tries to absorb what he has just heard from his close friend. Of all the friends he has, Juan was the one man who was most unlikely to cheat on his wife. For the past 20 something years, he has never even heard Juan speak of another woman in any type of way which would imply that he would be interested in some one other than his wife. Many times, beautiful women with amazing bodies have passed by the garage and Juan has never even glanced their way.

Pablo really did nothing to say, even though not a very faithful man himself, he was very surprised at what Juan had just told me, but even more at the fact that he did not even feel guilty about it.

Helping her mother prepare lunch, Allegra could not help but notice the change in her mother’s attitude; it was almost as if she was high from a buzz. She was singing as she sliced and diced the vegetables, yapping away to Allegra about Aguadilla and stories of her childhood.

Allegra listened to her mother’s incessant stories while she juiced away the oranges, all the while thinking whether or not to ask her mother about the Jamaican man. She was just about to do so when she is interrupted by the doorbell. She walks over to open it and facing her on the other side is the very same man she was just about to inquire about.

After school Miguel was going to have lunch with Ahmet, Ahmet had told Miguel that he would pick him and take him to his apartment where he would show him to make a few dishes, since Miguel was very interested in Ahmet ‘s profession not only as a restaurateur but also as a chef.

Excited to spend the afternoon learning something different, all thoughts of homosexuality and the different types of relationships that exist between people were gone from his mind. Ahmet was very excited o finally have Miguel over at his home, even if it was under the pretense of teaching him how to cook. His apartment was a cosy 2 bedroom about 20 mins west  drive from Miguel’s school.

Once at his apartment, Ahmet quickly makes sure that Miguel is comfortable offering him some hot chocolate and cookies while switching on the tv and trying to make him feel at home. Taking off his jacket and placing his bag pack on the floor, Miguel looks around at Ahmet’s living room.It is of a medium size with lots of furniture, most, as Miguel would have guessed, are ornaments and small decorations that Ahmet had collected from his trips throughout Iran and Dubai and all of them items that reminded him of home.

The apartment, just like the restaurant, had a very middle eastern feel to it. It was cozy, and Miguel liked it.

“So? are you ready?’ , asks Ahmet as he comes out of the kitchen wearing a chef’s hat and apron and holding a smaller version of the two in his hand.

Miguel sips the last of his hot chocolate and stuffs the last of a cookie into his mouth, he stands up and walks over to Ahmet, who slowly turns him around and puts the apron over his head and begins to tie it at the back.

He places the chef’s hat on Miguel’s head and soon enough the two are in the kitchen, washing their hands and getting ready to make a meal.

“What are we going to make today?”, asks Miguel, looking around at the ingredients placed on the kitchen counter, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt, fish, flour , vegetable ghee, oil and pepper.

“Well, dostum, i wanted to do something completely different and so, no middle eastern food today.” Miguel looks at him confused as he never thought that Ahmet knew any other type of cooking.

Seeing the confused look on the boy’s face, he gives out a hearty laugh and continues to explain, “today we are going to make a few dishes from the island of Zanzibar.”

“Whoa!” says Miguel as he thinks of the all the stuff he has heard about Zanzibar.”How do you know how to make it?,” he asks.

“Well when i was living and working in Dubai, there was a servant maid from Zanzibar, very pretty young thing, hardly 20 years old,” says Ahmet as he begins to recollect memories of his beloved Fatima.

Tuma, as they used to call her, was a young girl with a shapely figure,she had chocolate brown skin and even browner shimmering eyes. Her eye lashes were thick and long, curving at the ends, covering her lazy big eyes that were in contrast in size to her small round button nose.

Truly a beautiful girl to look at, her most attractive attribute was her smile, she had the most perfect supple lips and the straightest brightest teeth that Ahmet had ever seen. Apart from helping with the cleaning and house chores, she also aided the main cook in the kitchen. The cook was another zanzibar woman but of indian decent and she cared fro Fatima like her own daughter, for they had come together from zanzibar to serve in Mr. Abdullah’s household. Many times, Fatima wold sneak in Ahmet into the smaller back kitchen and the two would spend hours cooking and reminiscing about their homelands while the house hold slept.

His recollection is interrupted by Miguel dropping an egg on the floor, Ahmet looks a him as he bends over to clean the mess, facing Miguel’s rear end a bead os sweat trickles down the side on Ahmet’s forehead.

Over at Caroline and Nicola’s apartment, Caroline is just finishing washing the dishes while Randy towel dries them and places them on the shelf. He had stayed over for lunch to comfort Caroline and they had ordered in some take out.

He moves in closer to her and hugs her from behind, smelling her hair and holding her tight, Caroline moans as she put her are around his ,”Thank you for being here,”she says.He kisses her on her cheek and says “where else would i be?”

She turns around and the next kiss turns into a love making session that lasts an hour and a half.Vulnerable as she was Caroline, hesitates with a thought and a question in her mind. She gets up from the bed, puts on a sleeping robe and walks over to the kitchen.

From which she calls out to Randy saying “You know Nicola comes back in a few days time, it would be really nice f you came over and helped me settle her in,”she says as she puts on the coffee machine to make some coffee.

Previously relaxed, Randy suddenly sits up straight with a tensed jerk to his movement.He puts on his pants and walks in to the kitchen, rubbing his head with his hand, “i don’t think it’s the best time to introduce me to her,”he says.”Given the circumstance and all, specially since she was raped by a black guy…. she might feel a certain way, me , being black and all,” he stops when he sees the terrified look on Caroline’s face. She had stopped what she was doing and staring straight into Randy’s eyes with absolute fear on her pale face, she says “How did you know he was black?”.



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