A immigrant man struggles to support his family in the US and the one back home as he faces the pressure of holding down two jobs. His wife is addicted to pain killers and slowly loses interest in life as the hardship of immigrant life takes its toll on her and the pills work their magic. Their three daughters all go through various phases and problems in their lives.

Maria is trying to make a future for herself as she struggles to find her place amongst the privileged graduates in her new law firm. Sonya struggles with her insecurities as a college dropout and finds solace in the arms of a lover, who is not all what he seems to be, he lands her in an unenviable position and she has no one to turn to. Alegra is young, beautiful and she knows it, she uses this to her advantage and she strikes gold when she meets Salvatore, but what lies beneath the handsome exterior of this wealthy Italian man, is something she could never imagine. Miguel, the only boy in the family is struggling with bullies, friends, studies and his sexuality, he lacks guidance and finds this and much more in  Ahmet ,the Turkish man with the big nose and even bigger heart, but is there something more than genuine care and concern that the Turkish man has garnered for the young boy.

The family goes through ups and downs of life, with their friends and co-workers playing vital supporting roles, we learn about Anna the European girl who brings something different to Juan’s routine, Ashley, the African American girl who is Maria’s best friends  and whose passion for the finer things in life gets her into quite a predicament, they say that family comes first and that friends are the family that we get to choose, but what happens when the friends you choose let you down and the family you have is so caught up in its own web, that each family member barely has an idea as to what sort of hell the other is going through.


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