The Conciere – Chapter Forty Six

Maria walks into her parent’s apartment to find only her mother and Miguel sitting down for dinner. She looks around at the quiet living room and surprised that neither her father nor her sister Sonya are ther.

“Hola momma, hola Miguelito,” she kisses her mother and brother on their cheeks as she proceeds to help them lay the table.  “Donde estan los otros?” she asks.

“Well,” says Celia as she places the fish and the vegetable dishes on the table, “Sonya should be back anytime soon, your father too, but I don’t what’s keeping him late today and Alegra is at a study group, she will be sleeping over at Tiffany’s”. Maria looks at her mother and immediately her mind starts to run off with thoughts of where exactly Alegra is and what she was doing. Not wanting to arouse her mother’s suspicion, she asks for Tiffany’s home number claiming she had tried Alegra’s mobile earlier and it was off and that she urgently needed to ask her about a book she had lent her.

Not thinking much of it, Celia pulls out her telephone book from the kitchen drawer and proceeds to give Maria the number when Maria’s cell phone starts ringing.

It is an unknown number and Maria proceeds to answer.

“Hello, Maria speaking.”

“Maria, Maria, I’m in trouble, I left my purse, my coat and everything please come get me.”

It was Ashley she sounded terrified. “Where exactly are you?,” asks Maria as she hurries to get her coat and purse and rushes out of the house without saying a word to her mother.

Celia and Miguel are left dumbfounded, Celia standing against the kitchen counter with a large spoon in her hand, Miguel seated at the table staring at the door, both of trying to make sense of what just happened.

Rushing down the stairs, two steps at a time, Maria curses the elevator that never seems to work when you need it. Finally out of the building she hails a cab and son enough she’s at the corner of 85th and 5th. She jumps out of the cab after instructing the driver to wait , she looks around waiting to spot her friend Ashley. Sure enough hiding behind a car , hugging her body tight and obviously shivering from the freezing cold is Ashley, but she looks nothing like the Ashley that Maria had seen earlier that evening at their apartment. She rushes over to her friend and covers her with her own coat, “Ashley what happened ?” she asks, but the only response she receives is tears and words she can not understand.

They get into a cab and drive off to their apartment, once upstairs and after helping her to a warm shower and a hot cup of chocolate, Maria looks at her friend cuddled up in 2 blankets, she awaits to hear what she fears as the most horrible news she could expect.

Meanwhile in another part of the city in a comfortably sized apartment on the 14th and last floor of a tall grey building, Anna and Juan are sharing an intimate conversation. As Juan accepts the cup of coffee from Anna, he cant help but admire the tidiness and the richness of the apartment, adorned in silk curtains and the most comfortable carpet he has ever set his feet on, he wonders what an eastern European woman with clearly no professional qualification can afford such a nice apartment with even nicer furniture.

Anna notices this curiosity and she sits closer on the couch beside Juan, “come, do not occupy your mind with all these questions of how and when, just hold me and let us keep each other warm,” she takes the cup of coffee from his hand and places it on the mahogany coffee table in front of them. Holding his warm hands with her own, she brushes his hand against her skin. “It feels so nice to have another warm soul with me, it has been an especially cold winter for me,” she says with great sorrow in her voice. Not knowing how but a feeling of great affection comes over Juan and he leans in to hold Anna closer. Surprised at first by this act of affection, she gives into her emotions and hugs him back.

Sitting so close beside each other, they could both feel their hearts beat faster and faster still, finally after what seemed like an eternity in each others arms, Anna looks up to look at Juan’s face, his face is weathered more by the harsh times it has seen, than the years he has lived.

Looking into her eyes searching for the sign that would allow him to unleash what he has been feeling from the moment he saw her, he finally finds it in the form of a glimmer in her blue eyes. For some reason ever since he saw her the feeling of longing inside him has intensified, his longing for his youth, for the love he shared with Celia, for the care free island life he had at Aguadilla, for the family he left behind almost as if she could feel what he was feeling, Anna kisses him passionately on his lips .

The embrace is a long and intense one, her lips sucking at his, his thick latino lips almost numbing her small lips with the intensity of his suck, feeling her slowly pull away he proceeds to lick her lips with his tongue almost as if to soothe them from the attack that his lips had just ensued on them.

He finally lets go of her only to find that she has let go of all her inhibitions, she slowly proceeds to unbutton his shirt, he can feel the nervousness in her trembling fingers as they struggle to unbutton his shirt, he holds her hand and together they undo his shirt, she rubs her hand on his chest and plants a soft kiss close to his heart, he puts both his hands on her face and pulls her in for a second kiss, this time more slow and sensual, leaving her lips, he places  trails of kisses on her left cheek all the way down to her neck, before moving down on to her exposed collar bone. Anna moans in pleasure and lays back on her back on to the couch, not sure if it was indeed herself or Juan who did it, but her shirt is undone and her breasts exposed, not given enough time to feel the breeze of the cold weather, Juan cups the left breast with his left hand while he sucks on the right one. His warm lips touching her cool breasts and with such suction leave Anna moaning even more. Her hands are on his hand caressing him, begging him to not stop, feeling this reciprocation of his own desires Juan positions himself slight above Anna and starts to stroke himself on her while kissing and rubbing her neck and breasts, alternating between using his tongue and his lips.

At this point the two are kissing madly like love struck teenagers, Anna legs are open wide and clasped around Juan’s waist as he continues to gyrate on her, pushing her almost to the brink of ecstasy.

Feeling that she can take no more, in this case neither can her, he helps her slip off her leggings as he unclasps his belt bulk and down fall his pants , it does not take a minute before he is able to truly feel her passion and she his.

Moving like the waves of the ocean on a strong stormy night, Juan continues to fuel Anna’s inner passion with his insertions until both are shaking with the intensity of the climax, moments later Juan is still lying on top of Anna, his head on her bare breasts listening to her heart beat slowly come down to a normal rhythm as she caresses the hair on his head.

Looking up at her, his gaze moves past her on to a picture on the shelve nearby, it is of Anna and a very handsome southern European man, taken not too recently on this very couch that he is laying with her. In the picture, the man’s arm is around Anna while his other hand holds a glass of alcohol, Anna looks uncomfortably frightened .



The Concierge – Chapter Forty Five

Caroline frantically rushes into the emergency room, fortunately the hospital ,where Nicola was transported to isn’t that far from the apartment where Randy had taken her. Looking around, all the faces are a blur, telephones ringing, babies crying, kids running around, people talking while nurses and doctors rush past her. She finally reaches what seems to be the reception, there is only one person attending the place and she is on the phone informing some one the directions to the hospital, from what she is seeing, it seems that an out of state trip for a bunch of teenagers has gone very wrong via an accident on the interstate highway, it has gone exceptionally wrong for the teenager whose parents the receptionist is speaking to on the phone at the moment. As soon as the receptionist hangs up the telephone Caroline quickly asks her about Nicola.

‘”Ah yes Ms. Lyndon” says the receptionist,  a tall full figured South east Asian woman with long dark hair , even longer dark eye lashes and even darker eyes rimmed with black eye liner.

“ Are you an immediate relative? ” she looks at Caroline through her long eye lashes.

“Not immediate but I am related to her and her closest relative here in the US” she answers.

“Come with me the doctor is in with her, right now, he will be able to tell you more”.

Caroline follows the receptionist through a path of heavily crowded emergency room, make shift beds in the form of stretchers are laid in a chaotic manner all around. Finally they reach a room and the nurse knocks before a voice from within permits her to enter.

Caroline is glad to see that the doctor attending to Nicola is none other than Dr. Stanford, although she doesn’t know how Nicola would feel about it. She rushes in and without knowing it, she is hugging the doctor and tears have started to run down her cheeks.

“Now Now Caroline, calm down, it is all going to be allright, shhh Nicola is sleeping, she’s had quite a tragic night, we don’t want her waking up to find you like this.”

Caroline tries to calm down and suppress her tears and sniffles as she looks over at her friend. Nicola is laying on her back, a tube is connected to her body through the middle of her right arm and a few more needle like pipe-less tubes are placed on the top part of her hand.

Her face is pale and sad, while her lips are dry and life less. Her eye lids are half open and Caroline can see her eyeballs moving rapidly under her lids, she imagines that through her dreams she is relieving her horrible experience. Just then, she wakes up scream and shouting, Caroline is shocked and bumps into Dr. Stanford who is standing behind her, at once the doctor calls in a nurse and together they sedate her with a needle filled with some sort of tranquilizer.

Finally calm and falling back into sleep, Dr. Stanford asks Caroline to follow him into his office so they may talk.

“Have a seat please,”  he says to her as he closes the door behind them.

Still not quite able to stop crying, Caroline sits down on the chair opposite the Doctor as she wipes her nose and dabs a tissue at her lower eye lids wiping away the incessant tears.

Although she doesn’t really want to know, she cant help but feel the need to ask the Doctor what exactly happened to Nicola.

“I don’t know what they have told you when they called you but I will try and let you know exactly what I know. Nicola was walking back to your building through a dark alley and she was attacked, her attacker, I am sorry to say was very large and powerful, there was no chance in escaping him, especially since he drugged her with a strong drug that numbs the muscles.”

He swallows a bit and Caroline knows that she should brace herself for a very painful account of what happened to her dear Nicola. “ Even though initially she did not feel anything, she was well aware of what was going on, I am sorry to say that he violated her analy”, he collects his composure before he continues, “Unfortunately due to his aggressiveness and  violent behavior he has torn and damaged Nicola’s anal cavity and she will require some more intensive surgery before she is able to regain full normal functionality of her anus”.

Caroline puts her a hand on her mouth as the doctor continues to account to her what the next 6 to 12 months will be like, she will most probably have to carry a fecal pouch with her, sitting will be quite difficult for at least 3 – 4 week s until the stitches  have healed.

“ But the worst part Caroline, will probably be the psychological trauma that this incident will have had on her,” says Dr. Stanford as he takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. Clearly tired from a long days work at the hospital, he advises Caroline to make sure that Nicola attends aid groups meeting to talk about her ordeal in an effort to heal and move forward.

Little did Caroline know that Nicola’s assault wouldn’t be the only ordeal that she needed to deal with.


The Concierge – Chapter Forty Four

Juan and Anna are in her car, after the outburst from the restaurant manager they decided to leave without causing any more trouble. Anna was very upset by it all and Juan did not want to upset her even more by asking too many questions, even though his mind was racing with all sorts of questions, imagining the answers to his questions and letting his imagination run wild. He is driving her car, while he tries to comfort her, she sniffs every few minutes without saying a word, only wiping the tears that form and re form in her eyes. Finally Juan stops in front of a park and leaves the engine running to keep them warm as the nights have started to get a little bit chilly lately. After he puts the gear into P, he sits quietly for a few moments before turning to face her, looking at her soft pale face it is now filled with red patches on her cheeks, her nose and her lips look swollen. She looks so innocent so fragile that it takes Juan all his might no to reach over and hug her. Finally he decides to break the silence and says “Now now it’s not that bad. Please stop crying Anna, it’s over.” She looks up at him, her eyes still rimmed with tears. “No Juan, you don’t understand….it’s not over and it will not be over for a long time.” He looks at her and wonders exactly what she means by that.

“I’ll take you home,” he says, “It’s getting late and also very cold.” Anna nods in agreement and tells her where she lives. Following Anna’s directions, Juan arrives at her residence. It is a nice building, 14 storey tall, grey in color, very cozy but at the same time quite modern.

As Juan switches off the engine and is about to step out of the car, Anna puts her hand on his hand and asks “Would you like to come up?”

Juan is taken aback at this proposal, not quite sure what to think, before he is able to answer, she pleads with him ,”I don’t want to be by myself, please stay a bit, I get so lonely sometimes in this country.” Juan couldn’t help but sympathize with Anna, for so many times, he too had felt the exact same way.

Sonya is closing up the book store and getting ready to make her way home. As she bends over to lock the bottom of the door, she is suddenly grabbed by the waist from the back, the assailant puts one hand over her mouth and as she tries to scream only muffled sounds come out of her mouth. He is strong and she is no match for the tight grip that he is imposing on her. She realizes that he smells familiar and he begins to kiss her softly on her neck, even though she is scared, the way he is holding her and kissing her arouses her. She stops wriggling and he pulls her closer, she can feel his hard-on on her and contemplates giving it a strong donkey kick as soon as she feels his grip relaxing. But before she is able to do so, he turns her around and kisses her passionately on her lips, she looks into Brandon’s warm eyes and as she gets deeper into the kiss she puts her arms around his neck.

She had missed him so much and it seems her body has missed him even more. After whats seems like an eternity in an embrace, she looks up at him just as he looks down at her and she asks him, “What’s wrong? Where have you been?”

Looking into her eyes, Brandon slowly begins to regret what he has done, what he has been doing ever since he moved away from his parent’s house.

Meanwhile Alegra has just finished having the best spa experience of her life, and is now having an even better experience, at the very top of the building where the spa is located, Salvatore has a penthouse. Ceiling to Floor windows that show case the gorgeous city view and such elegantly classy furniture adorning the suite. All the colors were dark, either brown or black or grey – “ So very mysterious, so very Salvatore”  she says to herself and she smiles, Standing infront of one of the large windows, Salvatore comes up behind her as he slips a hand around her waist and kisses her bare left shoulder. He then offers her a glass of one of the smoothest white wine Alegra has ever tasted. She smiles in delight as the sweetness washes over her tongue. Happy to see her happy, he pours her some more and leads her into the master bedroom.

The bedroom is even more impressive with its furniture that look like something from a sci-fi movie. The bed is slightly high and the coverings as well as the pillow are a deep purple colour, while the bed sheet is white and the whole room smells of lavender, nearby she notices where the aroma is coming from – scented candles are quietly burning  on a table near the bedroom window. A shudder runs down her spine as she realizes what is about to happen.


The Concierge – Chapter Forty Three

Ashley is in Walter’s limo, she arrives at a magnificent brasserie in the Upper East Side on Lexington Avenue.  The driver opens her door and a gentleman, who may be a butler, is at the door ready to escort her in. As she walks in she is taken aback by the rich décor of the brasserie, the whole place is decorated in warm dark beiges and white, the colors are subtle yet strong, even the napkins and the waiters are in beiges and white. The walls are colored alternatively in beige and white, one wall white, one wall beige. At the far end there is a floor to ceiling glass cellar encasing some of the most beautiful wines, champagnes and bubbly bottles that Ashley has ever seen. The smell of the food is fresh and strong although she can not tell which direction the kitchen is. All the people are well dressed, the men in semi- formal suits while the women are in bright jewelry and semi formal evening dresses.

Her guide guides her past the tables of people enjoying the marvelous dinner on their plates and into a separate private dining room, he knocks on the door and a voice inside answers him to come in. Walter stands up and walks towards Ashley, he holds her hand and kisses it gently. “This is not too bad,” Ashley thinks to herself as she begins to relax. She smiles when he brings out a flower from behind his back, a sweet daffodil with a white ribbon in the middle, she takes it and quickly smells the fresh scent that escapes the pretty little flower in her hand.

He ushers her to sit down on a chair beside his and the waiter pours the two each a glass of champagne. He smiles and raises his glass to her, she does the same with hers and the two glasses meet and clink in the air. Ashley finds out that Walter is quite interesting when he is not too drunk. He speaks to her of his interests and hobbies; she finds out that he enjoys reading mystery novels, skiing, going fishing with his grandkids and nephews. He also has an eye for fashion and has multiple department stores back in Russia. Finally as he feeds her dessert , a melt in your mouth heavenly slice of chocolate truffle, he says something to her that erases all the comfortable feelings he had managed to instill in her so far. “But one of my favorite things in the whole world, Cuban girls with nice plump round brown popka,” he slips his hand, that had been resting on her lap all through out dinner, on to her ass for a very firm side squeeze.

Maria is at a quiet coffee shop with Dylan, they had just finished having dinner at a cosy little deli nearby.Dylan who was so used to 3 – 5 course meals was pleasantly surprised, to find that a simple small salad, followed by chorizo carbonara pasta and a scoop of chocolate ice cream would taste so good, specially since it was from a low key deli shop that he had never heard of before. Enjoying their warm latte and hot chocolate order, they talk to each other about their lives; Dylan’s is filled with travel, parties and extended families. When it comes to her turn, Maria is slightly shy and embarrassed to tell him about the struggles of her father as an immigrant and her family as they go through lots of ups and downs just to make ends meet. She thinks of what a contrast her up bringing is to Dylan’s. Dylan senses her hesitation and he places his hand on hers and smiles, coercing her to open up to him.

She looks at his beautiful eyes and discovers a caring feeling that she never noticed before. She smiles and begins to tell him about her parent’s life pre-marriage back in Aguadilla, she continues to describe to him their life once they got to America, slowly moving into the present where she tells him of her concern over her mother and her youngest sister Alegra. All the while Dylan listens with the utmost attention, nodding from time to time and caressing her hand when he would sense the part she was telling him made her emotional.

“I just wish I could be there more often to guide her,” she ends  by telling him of her wish to be there for Alegra. She looks up at him and at that moment he places his hand on her cheek and leans in to give her a kiss on her lips, soft but firm, sweet but sensual he lets his lips leave an impression on hers.

He pulls back to see the surprised expression in her eyes turn into a rage that matches the blushing sensation on her cheeks. “Why did you do that?” she asks him confused. He looks at her not knowing what to say because he himself did not know why he did that, finally he answers “I don’t know, it just felt right.”

Even though inside she felt enraged and thought to her self “ how dare he, who does he think he is to just kiss me because ‘ it felt right’, does he think that she’s that kind of girl, caress her hand, tell her a few sweet words and she’d be ready to fall at his feet, she did have to admit to herself that it did feel right, just something about the way he seemed genuinely concerned and interested to know her made her feel that it was right.

Dylan pays the bill and the two begin to walk hand in hand towards Maria’s parent’s apartment, somewhere along the way the two get very comfortable chatting and laughing away that Dylan puts his hand over shoulder and Maria puts hers around his waist. They reach her parents apartment and at the doorstep of the building, Maria stops and says “well, this is me, it was a lovely evening, thank you”, she smiles at him. “Looking forward to many more,” replies Dylan as he bends over to take her hand in his and plant a slow kiss on it. Maria blushes and makes her way in to the building while Dylan watches her walk away. She walks towards the elevators, which as usual are simultaneously stuck on some other floor. As she waits for it, she begins to think that maybe just maybe this thing with Dylan might just work.



The Concierge – Chapter Forty Two

Over at an apartment in Brooklyn, things are hot and heavy between Randy and Caroline, he has just finished giving her her 2nd orgasm, first with his fingers and then with his tongue. Caroline feels like she is on a new drug – a high that has no return. After he met her, he told her, he would like to spend some quiet time with her, since it’s been so long since he actually got to spend any real time with her, without sneaking into her apartment early in the morning.

Lying on her back on the couch, he caresses her bare thigh with his right hand and touches the outlines of her lips with his left hand. Randy is on top of Caroline, looking into her eyes and smiling at her as she smiles back. “I love you, you know that..”,  she says to him. He looks at her, his expression changes a bit to show a little bit of reluctance, which he quickly masks by kissing her passionately  he releases his hands from their positions on her lip and thigh to put them on her hips. Her eyes suddenly fly open in between the kiss to reveal the sweet pain he has just pushed into her through her open thighs. As the sensation becomes more intense so does the passionate kiss, before long they are both sweating and rocking back and forth in unison.

A few hours and several orgasms later, several for Caroline and half as many for Randy, the couple are on the floor spooning when Caroline’s phone rings loudly, arousing the love birds from their drug-like trance. She gets up and walks over to her hand bag where she takes out her mobile phone, suddenly feeling self conscious she grabs her shirt that is on the floor after being thrown there during the outburst of kissing and grabbing that served as their entrance to this apartment- which until now Caroline had no idea who it belonged to, but the ownership of the apartment quickly becomes the last thing on her mind as she hears the most horrible news of her life.

Just as they usually do Miguel and Ahmet are walking side by side, Miguel is busy chatting away about the stories in the book Ahmet gave him, telling him all the things he found especially interesting, although from the way it sounded, it seems he found everything interesting. Ahmet is lost in his own thoughts, barely able to hear Miguel because of the loud thoughts in his mind, every once in a while; he would look down at the boy, then nod and smile.

They finally reach Miguel’s building and as he says goodbye to the absent minded Ahmet, his mind becomes present once again when he feels Miguel hugging him, “I don’t know what’s going on with you Ahmet, but I thought you might use a hug, that’s what my mom gives me when she thinks I’m upset,” still grasping Ahmet by the waist, he looks and smiles at his friend. Ahmet is taken aback by this sweet gesture but reciprocates by rubbing the hair on Miguel’s head affectionately.

Miguel runs up the stairs towards the elevator only to find it not working due to the false fire alarm sign that usually comes on when you are in the most hurry. He decides to use the stairs, he could use the motion after sitting around reading for so long. As he is going up the stairs, a tall black men, is rushing down the stairs two steps at a time, they momentarily exchange glances and Jeremih mumbles something under his breath in his Jamaican accent. Miguel gives it no second thought and opens the fire exit door leading to his apartment; he stands at the door for a moment as he tries to recall if that Jamaican man was one of their neighbors on their floor. He walks into their home to find a strange smell looming all over their apartment, funny enough it smells like a mixture of fish and herbs. He calls out to his mother, who answers him from the kitchen. He walks over to find her preparing a dish made of fish for dinner, that explains the fishy smells he says to himself, but what is that herbal odour, he thinks. Looking around the kitchen he can not place the origins of the herbal smell, he looks at his mother and is about to ask her if she smells it to but is amazed to find her laughing by herself and worse yet, it seems like she was talking to the fish on the plate in front of her.

“Mom, are you okay?”, Miguel asks his mother. Celia seems to be frozen, her eyes blazed as she stares down at the fish, he touches her arm lightly and she quickly regains her composure when she notices the strange look on her son’s face. “I must have drifted off on a day dream”, she tells her son,” but you were talking to the fish, Mama,” he responds to her explanation.

“Don’t be silly Miguelito, it seems that I am not the only one who was day dreaming, go wash your hands and get ready for dinner, okay sweety,” she kisses him on his head and nudges him towards his room. She clamps her hand around her mouth and breathes in to her hand, she inhales her breathe to check if it has any remains of her afternoon delight. Clearly it had remained in her head, she thinks as she turns around to look at the fish who was, just a few minutes ago, talking to her – in Spanish.


The Concierge – Chapter Forty One

Alegra is lying on her stomach receiving a massage. She thinks to herself “wow this is the best massage I’ve ever had”, then she realizes it’s the only massage she’s ever had, “if you don’t count that boob rub Brad gave you”, she says to herself. She giggles a little as she remembers that day, “silly boys!” she thinks; “Now I am with a real man”. She smiles as she can’t believe how luck y she has been for bagging Salvatore.

Her afternoon has been amazing so far, after getting her from school,Alfonso took her to a spa place about half an hour away. The entrance of the spa was breathtakingly serene with light blue and white being the theme. This was showcased on the furniture; in the waiting room – the couches and tables, the curtains and even the glasses, trays, plates and coffee cups with which the servers brought refreshments. The ladies were all from the Far East, gorgeous women with silky jet black hair and perfect porcelain skin. As Alegra entered she couldn’t help notice how beautifully elegant and graceful these women were, “I would be the same if I had all this spa facilities in my reach,” she thought to herself. At the door a woman slightly fuller than the slim attendants greeted her, the woman who went by the name of May ling, was the manager and the main hostess of the spa centre. She was a charmingly king lady, but with a strict side as Alegra came to find out when she heard her sternly speaking to one of the attendants in mandarin clearly scolding her for something she had done wrong.

The first part of her afternoon was a relaxing body massage, followed by a full body wax, which was then followed by a Moroccan bath and a facial. Once done, she got her nails done – French manicure and pedicure while her hair was washed and wrapped up in a shower cap and towel to be deeply moistened with some natural conditioners to give it a deep treatment. All the while she sat reclined in the most comfortable leather seat watching back to back episodes of Sex and the city.

As she watches the girls walk down the streets of Manhattan, dressed in their expensive heels, carrying the trendiest bags and wearing the most fashionable outfits, she imagines herself in their place. She is momentarily struck with a thought that she hasn’t had time to properly think about since meeting Salvatore. What next? This was her last year in high school and she was meant to start looking at colleges. She hardly has enough time to dig in deeper into these thoughts when she is awakened. The head hostess had come back to let her know that her hair is ready to be washed. Thus comes the hair and make up ritual, her hair is washed, then blow-dried and finally set in big curls using a curling iron with a large barrel. She touches her hair and is instantly in love with the bounce and softness that lies on her shoulders. She looks at herself in the mirror and is amazed at the transformation the make up artist has given her. Although it is quite subtle, she can’t help but notice how glamorous she looked, her self admiration is interrupted once again when she is escorted to a changing room. Her eyes open wide when she sees the most beautiful YSL dress, the top was made up of a black lace corset and the bottom was made of silk and of a bright royal blue colour. Lying in a half open box were matching royal blue YSL pumps with a black bow in the middle and black soles. As breathtaking as the shoe and dress ensemble was, it was in no way comparable to the jewellery set that lay on the table right beside the box of shoes. They weren’t very big, but the diamonds were clearly beautiful – and they were every where. On the necklace made of small diamonds that met in the centre to form a locket in the shape of a medium sized diamond heart. Along with the necklace there was a similar bracelet, the bands made of small diamonds that met to form a small diamond; the same was the case for the earrings,a long line of small diamonds led to a small diamond heart at the bottom of the earrings. She suddenly feels a warm fuzzy feeling on her neck; she jumps up in surprise to be held by her waist. She turns around and looks up to face Salvatore, he looks down at her, a smile on his face, his dimples growing deeper as his smile grows wider, Alegra can’t help but notice how sly his smile looks but at the same time she can’t ignore how good looking this sly Italian is.

Nicola has just finished browsing the book store and has purchased 2 books, 50 shades of grey, as she had said she would and the Seamstress by Maria Duenas. She decides to walk over to the coffee shop near by and indulge herself in a scone and a cup of tea, while she starts reading one of her new purchases. She is lost in her reading and is surprised to find that it has gotten quite dark, which isn’t that hard it being the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter in New York. Starting to feel a little sleepy and slightly tired, she gestures to the waiter to bring her her bill. She pays it, leaving the minimum amount of tip, as she usually does. Holding her handbag in one hand and the small plastic bag with the books in the other, she starts to make her way towards her building. It is quite dark as she takes the alley way home. She has the strangest feeling that some one is following her, scared to alert her pursuer that she has noticed him, she continues to walk without looking back. She hears a distinct set of footsteps behind her, that’s when she decides to finally turn around and that is when she feels a warm leather glove on her mouth, muffling her screams. A strong medical smell over comes her nostrils and she feels her body getting heavy. Her attacker lays her down and her worst fear comes true, laying on her stomach on the cold pathway of the alley, she is not able to move but can feel her aggressor on top of her – raping her repeatedly. Unable to scream, tears begin to drop slide down her cheeks. She could not feel any of her limbs but strangely enough she could hear his grunts, his voice is thick and heavy- mimicking the way her body felt. The pain in her anal cavity is mind blowing, even through the numbing effect of the drug, she still feels the sensation of pain, 15 minutes later, her aggressor has long disappeared and as the drug slowly wears away, the pain becomes more and more intense signifying just how brutal the attack was. Unable to stand up she slowly crawls towards her handbag to find that her wallet and her mobile have been taken – he even took her new books.